Established in 2003, Meat Processing Supplies has been built around exceptional customer service, and by providing a market with products and support that is recognised by its’ customers as a leader in the industry.
Founded by Alan Chau he believed in a company that was always there for its’ customers. He created a company built around a global product mix that provided exceptional quality at an affordable price. Through hard work, and offering the industry a service designed to support the modern business, the company has grown into a network that now reaches all corners of the Australian Food Industry.


When it comes to the food industry, no market is left untouched.

For more than a decade, MPS has been servicing over 15 market segments.

We supply:

  • •Abattoirs
  • •Boning Rooms
  • •Major Meat Works
  • •Meat Processors
  • •Major Whole Meat Outlets
  • •Cheese Manufacturers
  • •Poultry Processors
  • •Retail Butcher Shops
  • •Retail Poultry Shops
  • •Smallgoods Manufacturers
  • •Supermarkets
  • •Major Fish Processors
  • •Delicatessens
  • •Other Food Processors
  • •Hotel and Restaurant Suppliers


In modern business today, we understand that business needs partners. At MPS, we work hard on building relationships with our customers by being experts at what we do, and providing a service that offers consolidated supply solutions to the Food Industry.

By covering many product categories, we strive to be our customers ONE STOP SHOP!

With over 3,000 products, we cover all your needs in:

  • •Cleaning Products
  • •Clothing
  • •PPE
  • •Poly Crates
  • •Machinery
  • •Spare Parts
  • •Bandsaw Blades
  • •Food Ingredients
  • •Knives, Steels & Accessories
  • •Elastic Meat Netting
  • •Film
  • •Packaging
  • •Prepack Trays
  • •Shrink Bags
  • •Vacuum Bags and much much more


MPS offer their customers a Total Package in experience and advice.

Through a network of carefully selected distributors, we offer our customers consolidated solutions to their business. Accumulated from many years in the industry, we are able to provide a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to our customers, delivering support and advice made available from a global network of contacts and resources.

The Sales Team have over 75 years of experience, and are recognised and respected throughout all food market segments.

We develop strong relationships with customers and are committed to supporting them.


In addition to providing first class products and support, we know how important it is that your business never stops. With an electrical engineer on-site, we can help to ensure your equipment keeps running. We also have available a range of back-up equipment to keep you going until your equipment is back to work.


At MPS, we believe it is important to set high standards.

As an ethical company, we will always consider the best intentions of its suppliers and customers. The company has a belief in building strong and long-term relationships, and we expect to meet their goals, as well as our own.

The company will always provide an environment and culture to attract the best people available n the industry.


MPS takes Quality, Food Safety and the Environment very seriously.

We work hard at our Food Safety program and have implemented HACCP to ensure the integrity of our products is always maintained.

Through our Approved Suppliers program, suppliers are monitored closely to ensure they also meet the high standards our customers expect.

We are committed towards playing our part in reducing carbon emissions, recycling and maintaining a healthy environment. We will continue to review processes and assess ways to reduce our impact on the environment, and to improve quality, increase standards in food safety, and to provide better customer satisfaction.